Sewer cleaning machine with vacuum suction

9,200M3Hr/711mmHg/Diesel Providing the Power of a Vacuum Truck V2 the Price


  • l,8m Baahouse allows 10486m3 operation without the need for a vacuum box.
  • 31HEPA+2micro filters, lm long for excellent filtration and dust release.
  • Vector's "Easy-Access" baghouse with Pop-top systém.
  • Flanged wear sections allowing on-the-job ease of swap out.
  • Complete system is standalone unit !!!


The VecLoader D250/721 is completely self-contained and will vacuum and directly discharge wet or dry product into a truck, dumpster or other collection device, without complicated setup and with only minimal maintenance. D250/721 remain on the job full time without dumping, shoveling, hoisting, and other multiple handling steps often required with Vac trucks or other vacuum systems.

The D250/721 is the latest Vector Technologies VecLoader Vacuum. For over 35 years, Vector has provided Roofing Contractors with powerful and easy to maintain trailered vacuums for removing roofing rock and ballast.VecLoader's self-pulsing baghouse represe legacy of proven safety and performance. Regardless of power and configuration, each VecLoader model is low cost to operáte, simple to use and maintain, and without complicated set-up. All VecLoader vacuums are available with prémium grade silencers.

The VecLoader Titan D250/721 is a versatile trailer-mounted industrial vacuum loader that never needs to be removed from the job site for dumping. It features an oversized baghouse with 31HEPA + 2 micro filters effectively protéct the systém when collecting bulk, dry materials. The D250/721 can be ušed for vacuuming varied wet or dry materials utilizing an eight or six-inch diameter hoše or multiple smaller diameter hoses. The systém offers mgged construction and powerful performance for cost effective utilization for years to come. Stationary and skid mounted Systems with comparable power are also available.



VACUUM PUMP:  ROOTS™ HOWDEN Dry Exhauster Series J.1000,1220.

PUMP RATING:  Maximum vacuum of 71 lmm Hg negative static pressure or a maximum air flow of 9,200m3.

PERFORMANCE:  Bulk dry materials load up to 18-25 tons/hour (14001 of water/minute) or at distances to 400m.

ENGINE:  CATERPILLAR Model 3126B industrial diesel with locking engine enclosure.

ENGINE RATING:  6-cylinder; water-cooled turbo and inter-cooled diesel; 250, 1440 @ 2400 RPM.

SPECIFICATIONS:  Direct drive, variable operating speeds between 1,000 to 2,600 RPM; mechanically govemed; 12 volt electrical systém; blade pusher fan, mounted on water pump; dry type air cleaner.

FUEL: Diesel.

COMPRESSOR: Single stage, driven off the engine accessory drives; rated at 300min/l at 9bar, Auxiliary compressor unit PD200, 1.1m3/h 7bar 37kW.

COLLECTOR UNLOAD: Collector raises to a maximum height of 2,5-2,8m, centerline 2m from the rear edge of the trailer. Controls are included for automatic, cyclical discharge of collected materials. Collector has a pneumatic hopper vibrátor and oiler. Rigid support arms support the cyclone collector when it is in raised position.

CYCLONE/BAGHOUSE: Cyclone collector with l,lm3capacity in the conical storage section which is flanged to accept a standard gravity spout or other optional discharge valve. (31 HEPA filters) are filtration and size to effectively handle dry materiál at the 1 lm3/h. A pressure switch and solenoid valves control filter pulsing. A magnehelic gauge shows differential pressure drops across filters. Removable wear sections and removable wear plates. The wear section in the baghouse is flanged for easy removal. A 41 Omni inspection hatch allows for easy access for inspection.

SECONDARY FILTER: HEPA W/D MF pleated cellulose microfilter, mounted on the blower for finál filtration and blower protection.

TRAILER: Length: 750cm, Width: 250cm, Height: 330cm, Weight ( truck+trailer ) : 8140kg. The maximum clearance above ground of collector discharge is 2,5m.

CONTROL UNIT:  Fully automated systém equipped with LCD, which is displaying vaccum, rpm, temperature, pressure, working hours, timing of cycles. System has three different modes. Automatic, which is cycling machine by operátor input. Manual mode is enabling all features of machine separately by operátor needs. Third mode is suction without cyclone with HEPA filters and its ušed for wet/dry suction through tank.There is auxiliary compressor control on the panel too. When compressor is running, LCD displays pressure and basic info. systém can be equipped with wireless remote.


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