The P-50A camera boasts the most dependable push rod inspection camera system from China,featuring 700TVL pan/tilt camera head,a robust cable reel,a state-of-heart-art LCD monitor,camera centering brackets and optional sonde and locators for pinpoint locations of buried pipes and utilities.

 With protection-to-guiding spring on the head,this camera can handle video survey job for pipes with 90-degree bends.

To locate sewer-line block,structure fracture or bad joints, illumination is a crucial factor to evaluate the complete system.P-50A has 18 Ultra -bright dimmable led lights to ensures every part of the inner pipe wall is perfectly and non-shadow illuminated.

Made with cutting-edge technology,this compact and versatile push camera ensures you a 30 percent less system break down(data acquired among Chinese plumbers),meaning your employees can do much more work and you can gain an enlarged revenue.