The versatile S100 is designed to be committed to undertake efficient lateral pipe inspection with a diameter range from 100mm to 600mm. The complete system features a HD camera sensor, a high-brightness led lights ring,a rugged crawler, a 12.1"touch control monitor,and a cable +reel system with cable length 100-300M customizable.

 The SD-1050 camera head combines easy rotation control,auto leveling,and auto illumination adjustment to help engineer to observe pipe wall in details.The illumination system contains 14 high intensity led lights,and the lights can be dimmed both through wireless joystick and 12.1" monitor.The camera sensor features 540TVL CCTV video capturing and snapshots function,and 360-degree endless axial rotation together with 180-degree tilt function to focus the inspection on the fault section of the line.

This all-around S100 crawler is all what you really need for any kinds of inspections from sanitary relining inspection to gas line pinpoint leaking location-better priced,more advanced functions,less down time,and enhanced durability,yet with easy control interface.S100 has extension interface on the backbone for sonadaserand gas detector,ect,yet with a rugged tractor bodylt can handle as much as 30KG load and traverse bend pipes to get to launch points.lf desired,you can add auxiliary lights and camera-elevator to suit large pipes or you just want more well-proportioned illumination.

The 12.1" display and control monitor,integrated with win7 32hit system,is compatible with third party software for generating professional reports or data processing OSD to acquire and analysis data of pipe deformation,slopes or structure fracture.The SD9992D11 LCD monitor can also be connected to internet via the WAN interface to active the GPS function or just to entertain yourself with videos or music online.And an overwhelming advantage is this system utilizes a 64GB SSD hard disk for data storage,which means less computer hoot time,a faster video and /or picture database access,and an improved data safety.