Who are we?

Labe.E is a 5 year old team of people, which deeply understand wide

range of systems and devices used in this type of industry. All of them

were working in the field of trenchless first.


What we do?

Lab.E team is providing service of many types and brands of

CCTV/cleaning/trenchless equipment. Big care is taken over research and

development which is based on customers needs. Lab.E provides

maintenance in Europe for all system produced by Schroder company.


Where are we?

Our base is in Kladno, Czech republic. In this center is provided care over

maintenance of crawlers, cutters, UV curing systems. Development is based here too.

Place for larger things is based in Litomerice, Czech republic. This center

is focused and equipped to work on biger things, as cleaning truck, vacuum diggers, agregates

are.Also ready to machining spare parts or bigger development projects on CNCs.

In case of urgent need, our movable workshop and its crew can go to any place around Europe to

help on construction site and do repair directly there. Service is running 24/7, based in Litomerice.

LAB.E main crop 

Our recent technology

For comfort way to make a survey, there was developed system

SMART, designed to scan pipe surface and direction providing operator

wide range of various informations. Based on special needs of custemers,

we can offer fullHD video over sigle twisted pair on 2 kilometers

distance. There are more developed devices, don't hesitate to ask us

about solution prepared directly for you.


Special repairs

Lab.E provide repairs of high pressure and vacuum pumps, hydraulic

pressure amplifiers and their oil pumps. We can machine a new spare

part or repair old one when needed. Same way in elecronics department

- we can change whole spare part, but also repair old one. It depends on our customer.



Lab.E is cooperating with Schroder company on developing, testing and also sales in Europe. When

you are looking for some equipment, feel free to ask for help with choosing right one! All service is

done in Europe. There is testing polygon on the way, we can offer a training lessons very soon.